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  • tea and cheese, yes please!

    pairing cheese and tea? may sound unconventional but yes, it is a thing!

    unlock a third flavor from your favorite cheese, you may be enticed to even try a new cheese or one that’s not on your favorite list. these pairings are sure to surprise your taste buds.

    plan your next tea and cheese pairing using some of our tips to explore and gain a new appreciation of loose leaf tea.

  • meditation and tea…what’s the connection?

    meditation is simply being present in the moment while carrying out a task.

    remember to be open in experiencing all your senses and let yourself become immersed without analyzing what is happening. be kind to yourself and if thoughts arise, let them pass through you without judgement or much attention.

    read more to get some tips for optimal experience in your next tea meditation.

  • 10gr vs. 0.75gr : coffee or tea, can you guess which one?

    caffeine levels in tea are a much different level than that to coffee. it's found that the caffeine in some tea in fact does not affect people. we've sourced loose leaf tea that won't give you the jitters or affect poor sleep but read our blog to learn about the different levels of caffeine and how you can balance the level by steeping your next cup of loose leaf tea.

  • beginner's guide for happy steeping

    do you want to learn how to steep green tea, Oolong tea, herbal tea, pu'erh tea, and white tea. did you know tea can last up to 2 years stored properly? read our blog to learn about steeping tips and how best to preserve your loose leaf tea.
  • life is like a cup of tea

    we wish we could promise that only sipping our tea will help you achieve Flow, in fact there’s a bit more to it and the rest will be up to you.

    we'll be with you through the journey read more to see how.

  • balancing tips: self with self and self with support of others

    you might already be on your way to balancing your mind body and soul, we hope with this blog your learn some new ways to consider how you can work towards that balance. 

    read more to hear from Heidi, Reiki practitioner and experienced life coach.