balancing tips: self with self and self with support of others

we sat down with Heidi, Reiki practitioner and experienced life coach, who explained her take on the state of flow and gave us some tips to help in the process of working to balance our mind, body and soul. 

what does flow mean to you?

Flow is the natural connection and alignment of your inner self…your mind, your body, and your soul. when you have positive flow you feel balanced and at peace. you have clarity and are empowered to know you can confidently and calmly navigate the current water of life’s challenges.

what are 3 important things someone can do to achieve balance?

they can:

continue your self-growth by:

  • learning about and loving your unique inner self
  • identifying your values you need to live by to feel fulfilled while writing your life story
  • knowing you have choices and are in control to choose

maintain your positive energy flow by:

  • practicing self-care and self-love by: following a healthy lifestyle with a nutritious balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate sleep
  • focusing on and reinforcing positive productive thoughts
  • surrounding yourself with positive like-minded happy people

keep your peace of mind by:

  • being mindful and enjoying the moment
  • being grateful for what brought you to your here and now

what types of healing methods are out there to support our work to develop balance?

there are a variety of methods out there to choose from.

here are some options to consider.

options for balancing self with self

  • prayer
  • meditation
  • self-reflection
  • journaling
  • recitation of Self Affirmations
  • sleep
  • energy healing – such as Reiki
  • yoga
  • dance
  • art
  • listening to music

options for balancing self with the support of others

  • life coaching
  • hypnosis
  • energy healing: Theta Healing, Tibetan Bowls
  • perform in theatre
  • laughter Yoga
  • volunteering by serving others

when do you think is the right moment for someone to seek these methods – assuming it can’t be done at just any stage of the process?

your intuition will guide your to knowing when the moment is right. you must trust yourself and the process. your inner self knows best.

we want to thank Heidi for her suggestions and insight and if you feel intrigued to explore more on this topic, contact Heidi directly either by email or by phone at 050 742 0930.