life is like a cup of tea

the strong and resilient leaves float quickly to the top. superficiality and youthful reckless decisions, a period in life where importance is focused on what people think and expect from us.

the leaves become delicate and vulnerable and slowly find their way to the bottom of the glass. some float in between, some settle at the bottom quickly, the period in life where stability is yet to be found and we tear ourselves between our superficial era but yet look down to the balanced life that we so dearly want in our hearts.

eventually we all find our balance in our own unique way. the softened leaves find their way to the bottom. the leaves end their journey here, at the bottom, and it is here where we reclaim ourselves and find our balance of deep peace, abundant energy and great level of growth.

with unique choices and flexible service, we want to guide you to connect, steep and sip your next cup of tea in a state of balance. just like the delicate leaves we hope to bring your life journey to the bottom where you’ve reached Flow, able to now achieve to your utmost potential.

the environment you create, mental state you develop such as how you see life and take on challenges are important factors that only you control, so reflect and pursue the journey. you can check back often on tips & tricks to create yourself that special, cozy and relaxing environment curled up sipping your next cup on your way to Flow.