10gr vs. 0.75gr : coffee or tea, can you guess which one?

tea caffeine is at a much different level of coffee. All teas are made of an Asian evergreen known as camellia sinesis (white, green, oolong and black) and all contain caffeine. Herbal teas come from any other plant and most do not contain caffeine.

it’s believed that caffeine in plants work as a natural defense system to deter insects and other herbivores with the bitter taste and stimulating qualities.

the different levels of caffeine are influenced by many things:

  • environment: the region it grows in, plant age, leaf age, length of it’s growing seasons, soil nutrients, rainfall, etc.
  • steeper: amount of tea used, water temperature, brewing time

a general guide below might help you understand better the levels of caffeine per cup based on some of the teas available in our shop:


 caffeine level per cup

White Tea

 .03 - .055 gr

Green Tea

 .035 - .70 gr

Oolong Tea

 .05 - .075 gr

wondering what the difference of all these levels is to coffee? Coffee has 10gr level of caffeine per cup.

tip: still feel the level of caffeine is too high in the tea? caffeine is released immediately while the flavor is released over minutes. simply brew your tea in hot water for a few moments and discard the water, re-brew the tea in fresh boiled water as normal and sip on for a less caffeinated cup of tea.