beginner's guide for happy steeping

new to the world of loose-leaf tea? or simply looking for tips and tricks to improve your steeping skills. 

loose-leaf or tea bag?

for those using tea bags…we forgive you and hope you make the transition soon after you read this article!

did you know that tea bags are made from filtered paper, silk, or food grade plastic? if your tea bag isn’t held together with a staple, then chances are glue is what’s keeping the bag together. these all effect negatively the quality of your tea no matter the premium or specialty names you spend on.

you get much more out of using loose leaf teas:

  • better quality
  • better flavor
  • control the strength, fyi you should be adding more leaves for strength not increasing steeping time
  • get more use, leaves can be reused multiple times giving you more servings compared to tea bags, fyi steep your tea with hot water, let the cup cool, place in the fridge and enjoy as a refreshing cold brew or as a pre-workout drink to enhance your endurance
  • loose leaf just looks prettier and more desirable steeped in your transparent double wall glass or tea pot

overall, switching from bagged to loose-leaf tea might be overwhelming but once you do it, you’ll wish you did it sooner!

steeping guide for the tea connoisseur:

you can find tips on the measurement on all our product pages, but be flexible to adapt whatever measurement you feel will be the right taste for you. stay patient you might need 2-3 steeping attempts to find your favourite balance between tea and water.

below are some average temperatures to consider when boiling your water for optimal tasting tea.



Green Tea

175°F – 185°F (80°C – 85°C)

Herbal Tea

205°F (96°C)

Oolong Tea

185°F – 205°F (82°C – 96°C)

Pu-erh Tea

212°F (100°C)

White Tea

185°F – 205°F (82°C – 96°C)

storage tips: preserve your loose-leaf tea’s quality and taste

our Sparrow’s tongue tea which is a green tea should be kept in an airtight contained or jar and kept in the fridge. This will allow it to keep it’s bright green colour and preserve its delicious flavor.

in general, all the other tea can be kept in their packaging, alternatively, you can use sealed containers or jars. be sure to keep them in dry cool places such as your cabinet or pantry, important to avoid any direct sunlight.

tip: try getting some glass jars, these mason jars from Ikea are a great option. Seeing the colours and types of tea in your pantry really makes it a more enjoyable experience. open your pantry doors and browse the options, select your preference based on the one you visually connect with.