meditation and tea…what’s the connection?

meditation practice can happen in many forms beyond sitting in silence. everything in our daily routine can become a meditative practice, all that is required is to be present in the moment when carrying out the task.

meditation can lower your level of stress and even help you gain more patience throughout your day, why not start your mornings with a tea meditation. through authenticity and honesty with yourself as you try this out, you’ll be sure to experience a difference in a better-balanced level of patience, stress and energy as you take on the day ahead!

be sure to use a transparent glass to prepare and drink the tea in, this allows you to see the tea leaves and colour of the water for a better experience and focused presence during your meditation.

what you need:

  • calm relaxing space, with or without a view of nature works just fine
  • a transparent doubel wall glass cup, large enough to steep the tea loosely without a strainer
  • kettle
  • loose leaf tea

mindful tea-drinking practice:

to begin your meditation, create a calm and relaxing space to sit in, one that will allow you to immerse yourselves in the sounds, aroma, flavours of your tea.

now, as you fill your kettle to heat the water, let your senses take over. listen to the sound of the water coming out of the bottle or tap filling the kettle, listen to how it changes as it fills.

watch and listen to the water heating, or if you have a view of the sea/nature, let your senses take over and watch the water flowing, the trees swaying with the wind, and the birds exploring and flying across in your view.

your senses will now come to life. as you pour the boiled water, watch the steam rise, listen to the water again and feel the steeping cup get warm while watching as the water changes colours as it hits the leaves. if you have the popcorn-time or popcorn-green, let yourself listen mindfully to the sounds of the tiny bits crackling as they are immersed in the hot water.

notice how your cup gets warmer as you’re pouring the hot water, how do your hands feel as you’re holding the cup?

let yourself smell the aromas of your tea as it’s released from brewing, notice the variations of the smell over the steeping period.

as you become ready for the first sip, bring the cup to your lips, pay attention to how your hand and arm know how to move in this direction without conscious attention.

take your first sip, letting it tickle your tongue, gently moving the liquid around your mouth. savor the taste and notice the various flavours you experience. notice the point you become ready to swallow and feel the tea slink down your throat and notice the sensations as the liquid disappears.

let any thoughts pass through your mind without following them, try to stay with the tasting, ignoring the desire for impatience and the rush to drink.

pause and notice any feelings, whatever feelings enter, where do you feel it? has it been changing from moment to moment or staying the same? maybe there is something else going on in your mind and body. whatever comes up in your experience is okay, becoming conscious of how much the mind wanders is a sign of growing awareness.

pay attention to the growing balance you will gain in your peace, energy and growth after one or more of this meditation experience.